Teen loses life as violent WhatsApp game ‘Momo challenge’ goes viral


Momo is nothing but a sculpture of “Mother bird” made by a Japanese artist and displayed in a Vanilla horror art gallery in Tokyo, Japan.

  • Momo is the sculpture of a half bird-half lady that was displayed in a Japan horror art gallery.
  • It is being publicised as a challenge given by the ugly looking half lady in sculpture.
  • Experts say miscreants are using the challenge to extract personal information.

In Argentina, a 12-year-old girl’s suicide is being linked to the Momo challenge.


Momo challenge is a ‘suicide’ game on WhatsApp that has gone viral. In Momo, a scary picture of a girl is used to send challenges to teenagers. Stories have appeared as to how this game is threatening young lives like the Blue Whale challenge once did and parents are being made aware.

Some diligence and help of cyber experts reveal that there is no such game as the Momo challenge and that only a picture is being used to steal people’s personal information.

Cyber expert Ritesh Bhatia performed an experiment to see if the game was for real.

He tried to contact the administrators of the WhatsApp groups from three countries but found the numbers are all inactive.

“Momo is neither a challenge nor a game. It’s simply a hoax that should not be given any importance because that can lead to morbid curiosity. I personally investigated the three numbers from Japan, Colombia and Mexico and all three numbers are inactive.”


Bhatia said, “Momo is nothing but a sculpture of “Mother bird” made by a Japanese artist and displayed in a horror art gallery in Japan.”

“Some miscreants made wrong use of this image and have been trying to scare a few people. Do not entertain any such miscreant. One should immediately block and report people who are trying to threaten you,” he added.

In fact, on July 12, the Mexico police came up with a warning that this game is being used to get personal information.

“…warning for a new challenge in children and young people, avoid talking with strangers, seek to obtain information that can be used against you,” the police warning said.

On July 18, Spain’s national police declared in a Twitter post that this challenge is a hoax.


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