Simple SEO Tactics to Double Your Traffic This Year

Today, SEO techniques are rapidly changing. The worst part is that the techniques that might have worked last year could potentially be hurting your website’s rankings today. This is why it is crucial to always stay updated about this topic.

Master the following simple tactics to boost your traffic this year!

Make your existing pages longer and more informative

A recent study conducted by Backlinko stated that the longer your content is, the higher the likelihood of it to rank at the top of the search engine results page.

As much as you want to create longer and informative content, creating a 2000+ words article is not for everyone. It can be an intense, time-consuming and draining process.

So instead of creating 2000+ words from scratch, you can take one of your older posts and update it well and turn an old 1000+ word-article into a 2000+ word post.

Existing contents has an established authority and readership. It is simpler and more efficient on your part to find an existing post that has performed well in Google, revamp it with new information and rely on existing signals to make it rank for your targeted terms.

Update your online listing and local SEO

As powerful as the search engines are, there are still instances when they can’t provide you with the exact information you need. This is when the search engines have to rely on the information from local, on-the-ground sources. If there are no people submitting relevant data about local businesses, search engines will not be able to give you the exact answers you are looking for.

This is where you can use this situation to your advantage.

If you have a physical store, or you have a small location where customers and clients can physically reach you, using local listings will help you garner more customers and stay profitable. This is why it is critical that you provide your physical contact information on the world wide web.

You can help search engines narrow down their search and find your business by starting with Google My Business. This is a free listing service and you can update your information accordingly.

Afterwards, you can use local directory management services like Yext or Moz Local. Next, you can submit your business information to some of the major data aggregator services.

As for local SEO, a recent study showed that consumers are 36 percent more likely to start searching for businesses using local search engines. Although Google ‘s dominance in the search landscape is unquestionable, this study still proves that updating your local SEO can help your business gain more customers and online traffic.

For article topics, focus on queries and not keywords

According to Tom Anthony from Moz, we should stop focusing on the keywords potential customers are using and instead start looking at the queries they used.

This means you need to figure out what the people are searching for rather than coming up with different ways they phrase a search query. You can do this by first, knowing your target audience. Second, organize your content into themes.

The kind of content you will create depends on the audience you expect to have. The better you know their age, location, likes and dislikes, the better the content you can create for them. This also helps you improve your SEO strategy further.

For example, your keyword tool told you that the word “synthetic brushes” has a lot of monthly search volume. People could potentially be searching for information that would fall into these categories: people looking for makeup tools, artists looking for paint brushes, or construction workers looking for multipurpose paint brushes.

If you fail to know who your audience is, you might end up creating articles for one or two of these topics, which would be a waste of time if two of these people are not your target audience. By knowing your buyer persona, you can zero in on topics that matter to your readers, entice new ones and increase your traffic.

Organizing your posts or content into themes will make it easier for your readers to find what they are looking for. For example, if you run a website about creating blogs in WordPress, you might have three types of readers: beginners experienced and entrepreneurs.

You can organize your content into different themes that cover different difficulty of topics so that your readers know that the article they found is exactly what they are looking for.

Improve your site’s speed load time

According to, 79 percent of online shoppers do not return to the site to buy again if they experience some trouble with the performance of that website. This means that you should work on your site’s speed not only to boost your search engine rankings but to increase conversions.

As people want fast results, slow load time negatively impacts the experience of the visitor. Make sure that your blog or website is not taking too much time to load by minimizing the number of HTTP requests. You can also allow compression, optimize images, use browser caching and utilize a content delivery network.

Build good backlinks

Building backlinks are still important for good rankings. What has changed is that spam, blog comments, low-quality links and paid links do not seem to work anymore. In fact, these types of links can harm your site.

You must obtain backlinks from high-quality content, influencer marketing and outreach techniques such as guest blogging. This is a safe and extremely effective way to create good, quality backlinks to your site.

Ultimately, SEO is rapidly changing. Bloggers,  marketers, and entrepreneurs should adapt quickly to these changes to give their name, brand or business the edge it needs.

SEO needs time and thorough understanding. If you feel overwhelmed, take a break and recollect your thoughts and do not give up. With a bit of reading and tinkering, you will eventually understand what you need to do to succeed with SEO.



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