How to Backup and Restore Blogger Blog in

Blogger is one of the best blogging to publishing services. It allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. Blogs are hosted by Google and it is accessed by a subdomain of One user can create 100 blogs per account.

         In the post Show How to Backup and Restore Blogger Blog in The post is very important for your visitor to get views and earnings. The backup will save on your computer in the XML format.

         To create a new blog and import the content in just a minute and to start your work. If you post daily to take the backup on every day or weekly or monthly to take the backups on your computer.

Take Backups and Restore Given Below:

          It is the easy way to create backups to open your Blogger Dashboard. The image will be shown Below.

Backup Content:

First, go to the Blogger Dashboard.

Second click Setting Button of the Left side.

third click other of the Settings Submenu.

Fourth, the Backup Content button enables on the First.

Fifth, Click Save to your Computer Button.

Sixth, the file will be downloaded in your browser.

Your Blog will be successfully completed the backup content on your computer. The Backup content includes the posts, pages, and comments.

           The main use of backup the blog is to have solve the major problems of the blogger blogs:

  •  If your Blog has been deleted, to start a new blog and restore the post, pages, and comment.
  •  If you are working with the template code it produces some blunder or error used the Solve the Backups.

Restore Your Backups:

It is the same process of backup the content, In the  Fourth, Step click the Import Content Button.

And Verify the Robot option

Verify the Robot and Click Import from computer Button.

Select the Location of File and click Open Button

The File will be successfully imported on the new blog. It is the easiest way to restore a blog in just a minute.

I also Recommended saving your backup content on Google Drive or Dropbox. It is the one of them to access it anywhere in your blog.

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