Google Maps can do These 5 Special Things

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Google Maps can do These 5 Special Things. Almost everyone is using Google Maps nowadays. Through this app, users can get information about any other way. If you have to go anywhere, this app tells you the easy way out there. But did you know that Google Maps is not the only way to tell apps? Many other things can be done from this too. Let us know that Google has edited many types of features in this app. Here we are providing you with information about five such things that can be done with Google Maps.

1. Does the parking location do save:

If you have forgotten by parking the car that you have parked, then this feature of Google Maps will be useful to you. With the help of this feature, users can find out where they parked their car. Let us know that users who use Android phones will see Bluetooth dot on the map. This is an option for your parking. At the same time, iOS users can lock their car on the map by tapping on the set parking location.

2. Voice commands also available:

While driving, users can use voice commands to use the map. For this, you have to click on the microphone given on the map. After this, you have to tell your location by speaking. Doing this will show the path of that location on the map.

3. Office and home can set the default:

You can set the location of the office and home on the map by default. This starts navigation faster. One advantage of this is that when you are working in the office, it will also keep you informed about the traffic on the way home.

4. Multiple location options available:

If you have to go to many places together then you can get help from multiple locations. For this, you have to set the first location by going to Maps on your phone. When you set your destination location, you are given three dots equivalent to Your Location. By clicking here you will get the option of Add Stop. Here you can add multiple stops.

5. The custom place can set:

You can set your favorite place on Google Maps where you go often. You can mark all these locations under your label ‘Favorite Place’ option forever.



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