Google dedicates its doodle to famous Urdu writer Ismat Chughtai


Google dedicates its doodle to famous Urdu writer Ismat Chughtai on her 107th birth anniversary, Google always remembers gems of the various fields by changing its doodles on a big occasion or on a great personality’s birthday.

Today is the birth anniversary of the famous Urdu writer Ismat Chughtai and on this occasion, Google has remembered her dedicated its artistic doodle. Ismat is known for raising the voice of women and doing good work for society during his lifetime. Ismat was born on August 21, 1915, in Badayun, Uttar Pradesh. She was especially identified as the most controversial writers of Urdu literature.

Ismat has raised the questions of most women in all his compositions and he has also succeeded in it. Ismat has described the condition of the depressed girls of the lower and middle-class Muslim population and their condition through her composition.

Ismat has written most of her compositions controversial and his story, ‘Lihaf’, which came out in 1942, made a furor. In fact, homosexuality was described in his story after which he was accused of obscenity. Ismat had also sued a succession in the High court, although later he was dismissed. Google has also made a very beautiful photo of Ismat in its doodle. Ismat can also be seen writing in the doodle. On the 107th birthday of Ismat, everyone is paying homage to her.


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