5 ways to stop your android phone from overheating

5 ways to stop your android phone from overheating,

Is your smartphone getting heated after using it, check out our tutorial to stop your phone from being overheated.

what can you do if the phone is getting overheated after using it for a while? 

#1. Disable all rarely used apps in the background.

You may not know that many apps in your smartphone are continuously using your ram and making your phone slow and this can be the major reason for the overheating of your smartphone. So simply restrict your background data or disable the apps you are not using.

#2. Don’t use your smartphone for continuously for the long duration.

Some people who are smartphone addict continues to play with their smartphone even more than 12 hours on a continuous basis, this is also the major reason for overheating.

#3. Always update your firmware and apps to the latest version.

Smartphone company continuously monitor bugs in their smartphone and releases a new update to fix this issues so keeping your phone up to date helps you to solve the major problem of overheating.

Update your phone: Go to Settings – about phone / my device – check for updates, update your phone if it’s not the latest version, then restart your phone.

Update your apps: head to the app store on your phone, click your account, check if there are any available updates for your downloaded apps. Generally, when you open an app, it will notify you to update the app if it has a new version.

#4. Avoid using your smartphone while the signal is poor.

If your phone’s signal is poor, the phone will change to a better network type automatically, and struggle to find strong signal while you are surfing the internet, which results in the mobile works harder and begins to heat up.

Avoid surfing the internet or making a call when the signal is poor. If you are urged to call someone, the easiest way to obtain better signal is to change a place to check if you get better reception.

#5. Charge your Android phone properly.

Always charge your device with the original charger and the cable because what your phone support charging may not be supported by other phones, so avoid using other phone’s charger.

Always remove the back cover of the smartphone while charging because it helps to release heat.

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